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The "Hitotoki Spa" boasts a view of the garden and the Noh stage on the pond, letting you feel one with nature. Relaxing massages with elements of Eastern and Western medicine and yoga, as well as various European beauty treatments, are also available.

este menu list

Hitotoki Special
(Body & Facial) 135min ¥56,925
Moon Light (60min) + Moon Cocoon ball (60min) & Head or Foot (15min)
Hitotoki Sweet
(Body & Facial) 195min ¥75,900
Moon Beach (90min) + Moon Tear (90min) & Head or Foot (15min)

Facial Treatment

Moon Cocoon Ball by SENSAI
60min ¥37,950 / 90min ¥44,275
120min ¥63,250
Shine like Koishimaru silk
"Koishimaru", a purely domestic breed that has existed since ancient times in Japan, is a special rare breed that is deeply connected to sericulture, which has been inherited by successive. Empresses since the late 19th century The high-quality silk has a delicate shine. Japan's delicate sense of beauty, Japan's unique natural blessings. Since his debut at London Harrods, A global luxury brand ”SENSAI” from Japan that has captured the hearts of highly sensitive European women. It leads to silky skin that shines.
Moon Tear YON-KA
90min ¥44,275
Highly hydrating and relaxing facial with hot stones
The delicate aromas of this comforting "zen" facial give stressed, parched, lifeless skin an incomparable boost in well-being. The action of the hot rocks; the ultra-hydrating aromatic preparations; and the enveloping, relaxing massage.

Body Treatment

Moon Light YON-KA
60min ¥37,950 / 90min ¥44,275
Relaxing of aromatic massage
Moon Light is a hand treatment that uses 100% pure, organic aroma oils and is focused on the correlation between lunar cycles and human biorhythms. Moon Healing produces a deep relaxation by guiding the mind and body to their correct rhythm through the power of the moon.
Moon Beach ; Shore Gemology
90min ¥44,275
Hot Shell Therapy
Hot Shell apply pressure and thermal stimulation, rebalance energy and ease away muscle tension. Deep relaxation to mind, body and spirit is achieved through massage.
Moon Polish Gemology
90min ¥44,275
Detox treatment that enhances detoxification and purification
Using salt scrub, gem massage is used to wash away waste products and create a beautiful glowing finish. Ylang-ylang, orange and vanilla extracts are greet for calming, tightening and relaxing.


30min ¥10,120
Massage from below knee to sole The sole of the foot is called the second heart, and stimulation stimulates fatigue internal organs.

30min ¥5,692 / 60min ¥11,385
90min ¥17,077
The treatment will be performed in your room.


Booking Number 0558-72-7000

3450-1 Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka 410-2416

  • *Changing reservation time on the day may incur charges.
  • *It's not included service charge and tax.
  • *Reservation on the day is possible, but we may not be able to assist depending on our booking schedule.
  • *Cancellation on the day will incur a 100% cancellation fee.