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The "Hitotoki Spa" boasts a view of the garden and the Noh stage on the pond, letting you feel one with nature. Relaxing massages with elements of Eastern and Western medicine and yoga, as well as various European beauty treatments, are also available.

Comfort Zone

Born in Italy, this luxury cosmetic brand is widely used in high quality spas around the world. Based on the concept of the "comfort zone", there is wide acclaim for effective relaxation of the senses using quality ingredients born from original scientific research.


A cosmetic brand born in the clinic of Dr Widmer in Montreux, Switzlerand. Their "triple DNA" line of products incorporates their own unique mixture of ingredients to revitalise skin at a cellular level, finding wide use and acclaim globally as an anti-aging pioneer.

este menu list

Hitotoki Special
(Body & Facial) 135minutes 40,000 yen
Moon Light (60min)+ Moon White Night ( 60min)&Head or Foot (15min)
Hitotoki Sweet
(Body & Facial) 195minutes 55,000 yen
Moon Beach (90min)+ Moon Tear ( 90min)&Head or Foot (15min)
Moon Light
(Body) 90minutes 25,000 yen
(Body) 60minutes 20,000 yen
Moon Light is a hand treetment that uses 100% pure,organic aroma oils and is focused on the correlation between lunar cycles and human biorhythms. Moon Healing produces a deep relaxation by guiding the mind and body to their correct rhythm through the power of the moom.
Moon Beach ; Shore
(Body) 90minutes 30,000 yen
Hot Shell apply pressure and thermal stimulation,rebalance energy and ease away muscle tension.Deep relaxation to mind,body and spirit is achieved through massage.
Moon Polish
(Body) 90minutes 30,000 yen
Aromatic,detoxifying and relaxing treatment. Facilitates the eliminatio process. Specific Yon-ka contour or draining techniques.
Moon tear
(facial) 90minutes 25,000 yen
The delicate aromas of this comforing"zen"facial give stressed,parched,lifeless skin an incomparable boost in well-being. The action of the hot rocks; the ultra-hydrating aromatic preparations; and the enveloping, relaxing massage.
Moon White Night
(facial) 90minutes 30,000 yen
(facial) 60minutes 20,000 yen
VALMONT products are characterized by high qualiy glacial water of full minerals, pumped from 2,000 meters up in the Swiss Alps.Please discover for yourself the secret of beautiful skin in these prestigious skin care products, which were also favorites of the famous Coco Chanel.


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3450-1 Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka 410-2416

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